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Guru Purnima special

Enjoy this special offering of Sri Guru Gita by Ma Mayi to guru SPH Nithyananda Paramashivam on the day of Guru Purnima 2021.


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january, 2022


know more about Ma nithyananda mayi swami

Ma Nithyananda Mayi Swami, Senior Monastic Leader, Nithyananda Sanyas Order, describes herself as a simple Hindu monk. She is a key leader and pillar of progressive Adi Shaivite Minority Tradition (ASMT) of Hinduism and is the embodiment of chastity, integrity and devotion. She lives an exemplary life of a renunciate monk, dedicated to serving humanity.​

Who is Ma Mayi?

Ma Nithyananda Mayi Swami is a Hindu Activist and Feminist, Adi Shaiva Minority Tradition (ASMT) Monk, Educationist and Humanitarian.

Dharmic Mission

Ma Mayi strongly advocates that when a woman becomes powerful & empowered only then there will be stability in social fabric of global community.

The Impact

Ma Mayi teaches Hindu spiritual techniques and through example that and Inner peace leads to global peace, changing our inner space will lead to change in the outer world.

Word of Guru

What the SPH has to say

"The whole world being mesmerised by your powerfulness and you not by the whole world is real hindu feminism"

SPH Nithyananda Paramashivam

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