16 March 2020 Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam Satsang Transcript

nithyānandeśvara paramashiva samārambhām

nithyānandeśvari parashakti madhyamām |

asmat āchārya paryantām vande guru paramparām ||

I welcome all the devotees, disciples, samajis, satsangis, … Sarvajnapeetha Yajamans, Karthas, Sri Mahants, Mahants, Kotharis, Thanedars, Kayakalpa Yoga participants, Kailasa’s eGurukul students, Kailasa’s NHU students, Deeksha into Power Manifestation Program participants. I welcome all the living and practicing Hindus from all over the world, and all those watching live on Kailasa TV, Kailasa’s NTV, Kailasa’s Hinduism Now TV, Kailasa’s Nlighten App, and Kailasa’s Nayana Deeksha. I welcome all of you with my love and respects.

Paramashiva’s message from Shrikailasa. Listen. Whenever you take the responsibility with the cognition of tyaga, intense power manifest in you. Because, tyaga by its very nature … manifest Paramashiva in you. Tyaga is preparation of your being … for Paramashiva’s being to manifest in you. Tyaga prepares your being for Paramashiva’s being to manifest in you. Understand. Preparing your being … to manifest … your being. Listen. Preparing your being to manifest your ultimate being – Paramashiva, … tyaga is the absolute perfect strategy. Actually if you start practicing tyaga, you will understand … it is absolute perfect strategy. This whole pachai pattini viratham we are doing … along with Parashakti, Mahamari … is preparing our beings for Paramashiva to land and manifest. I am absolutely enjoying this pachai pattini viratham. Absolutely enjoying pachai pattini viratham.

Listen. Feeling your consciousness … from this delusion of society: whatever human society has taught you – those delusions, feeling your consciousness from that delusion is liberation. The fundamental principles you learn about you … are … absolute delusion. See, the idea you carry about your pleasure, you are good, you are bad – all you learn from society … based on delusory ideas, everything is delusion. Understand. The conscious principle of you is more prominent than … earth, air, water, fire, space components and elements in you. But the whole idea society teaches you is you are body. From that fundamental delusion, everything taught to you is layers and layers of delusion. Feeling your consciousness from this delusions is liberation. And I tell you, … this whole pachai pattini viratham I am doing it … along with Parashakti, with the grace of Parashakti, not only to heal the world from Coronavirus, to heal all of us from the delusions of society, awakening deeper and deeper powerfulness, powerful consciousness.

The peace and powerfulness and enlightenment of Kailasa … is side effect of Paramashiva’s being manifesting in all of us. Paramashiva’s being manifest when you decide for tyaga. I’ve always seen … when your desires, fears, greeds get matured, … when your being gets matured, … the highest powers manifest in you just like that. This pachai pattini viratham is to mature your being, like when your body eats itself – it digest and cleanses all the toxins from the past. Every bio memory, muscle memory you gathered, bio energy you gathered in the past which has toxins, digesting them, cleansing your system, removing that core delusion; understand that core irritation, violence you carry about yourself and life, is the core delusion. Pachai pattini viratham will digest and cleanse that delusion. The pure space of Paramashiva starts manifesting in you.

I really wanted you to understand and manifest … extreme powerfulness, and extreme power manifestation. Now … I’ll initiate all the participants who are here for Vishesha Deeksha, and lead all of us into a process to connect with Parashakti, make pachai pattini viratham easy and fruitful … after a break.


Listen. Listen, if you are able to hear me and see me, please wave your hands. Listen intensely. It is through the tyaga, … the highest conscious awakening happens in your being and conscious beings, consciousness gives that greatest gifts to the planet earth. Understand all whether scientific revelations or technological achievements, anything great manifest in human beings when their tyaga is at peak, when their consciousness is full, fully awakened. I tell you, … this pachai pattini viratham will make all of you rich even economically, because so many right decisions for wealth you will start getting that click, and start doing it. Even economically, you will do so many wonderful things – health, money, relationships, fulfillment, power manifestation in every level. When consciousness manifest, you achieve the peak, I tell you, whole Kailasa I am creating, I am creating whole Kailasa … to keep this science alive and spread it to the whole world, making it as much user friendly as possible, as easy and user friendly as possible.

In multiple levels … whether the field of physics, medicine, chemistry, biology, in every field … consciousness has so much to contribute. Science of Consciousness and Applied Science of Consciousness is Vedas and Agamas, understand. The Science of Consciousness and Applied Science of Consciousness is Vedas and Agamas. Whole Kailasa is created … I have some great news for all you guys, I’ll announce soon … to the world. It’s good news for the whole humanity. Understand, this good news for the whole humanity … regarding Kailasa. Great news! Soon I’ll announce. Wait, we have lot of wonderful things happening … with Kailasa. I am also forming the Parliament, Ministry, Raja Sabha. The two tier structure … is getting formed. I’ll soon announce and there is one batch which should be appointed by the Kailasa Administration. One batch voluntarily they can propose their name or somebody’s name with that person’s consent, then we will appoint, we’ll elect. The whole structure is ready.

And I have some more great news. Wait for great announcements, I tell you guys. Now all of you devotees who are waiting patiently with me, you are all like just waiting for the delivery of the baby, and supporting it. You are all going to celebrate Kailasa. Kailasa is going to celebrate all of you. We have, we are heading towards the best exciting, great times! The best … exciting great times. Understand only that much. We have grown to the level with the grace of the Paramashiva on me and the protection of Kalabhairava. Nobody can disturb, touch any way me or Kailasa. Whether attempt to assassinate, persecution or lawfare, nothing can touch me or Kailasa. We have crossed that period. We have grown beyond any possible assassination attempts or the lawfare. So that’s the good news. And I have some more great news! I’ll tell you guys soon.

We are just working silently stitching the whole thing together. The … Parliament structure, Congress structure for Kailasa is ready. And reserve bank is ready. Judiciary system is ready. Internal administration is ready. How can all these be ready without having territory, border? So wait for the great news. Wait for the great news. Wait for the great announcements. This whole Kailasa is getting ready for Paramashiva to manifest Himself to the whole world, make Himself available to the whole world, guide and bless, understand. I sincerely thank all the devotees from all over the world for pouring your time, treasure, talent building this Kailasa. I appreciate sincerely and acknowledge everyone’s tyaga … in every level. Whether Maitrik Patel driving truck just for building Kailasa, or Ma Devaroopa whole day and night working just for Kailasa, or every devotee … putting their time, treasure, talent. I can give a long list! Everyone of you, I sincerely thank. I just wanted to inform all of you, we achieved the victory. Paramashiva made Kailasa happen.

All the other great news details I will reveal … after some time. I wanted to thank each one of you – Srilakshmi Devineni, I can read out each name. Sona Kamat, Sri Paramajnana, Akhil. I can read out every name. Shachie Aranke, Reta Pathak. Of course, Bhanu and every one in Los Angeles. I can just read out each name – Srikant, Balaji, Vinesh, the whole San Jose Sangha. Oh God! If I start naming, I have to name everyone of you. I just want to thank each one of you. We made it. We made it. We made it. Canada Sangha, … each one of you, understand we made it. I’ll give the whole details later. Because we are making all the … hardware and software means the infrastructure needed. And the political infrastructure, like a structure as per Vedagamic tradition, the Hindu tradition. When we did the Kumbhabishekam to Paramashiva in Adi Kailasa, the breakthrough started happening. Now by the time we did the Mandala Abhishekam today, Paramashiva has blessed all the best things are happening. And, this pachai pattini viratham is also doing such wonderful work.

I want to thank each one of you. Singapore – Kim Kee, Ananda Shradha. I think not just SJP Yajamans and Karthas, I wanted to thank each one of you. Ilanko from Australia. Each one, Ilanko Thambiran Thozhar anniversary blessings for both of you. Blessings. >>>Tamil<<< And, Sri Nithya Mahadeva Swarupananda and Ma Radha, anniversary blessings for both of you. Radha send your horoscope, I’ll give you spiritual name, umm. And … Clare Lang. Clare Lang, blessings, birthday blessings for your son Ashton Lang. Ma Clare Lang from Calgary, birthday blessings for your son – Ashton Lang. And, I want to thank each one of you. Actually I wanted to announce this great news little later, but I could not control my excitement. Debbie Schuehler, Vinayaka, Srikant, thanking everyone of you, Mythreyi, Vijaya Swamy, … Ramana Sri, … Ma Parameshwara. Actually I should read out every name. I just want to thank you all guys, Nirmala, Nirmala Sivaji.

We are, we are really making it. We made it and … I have great things to announce to you guys. Umm. I just want to sincerely thank all of you for pouring your time, treasure, talent. I tell you, I tell you guys, because the way all you guys stood with me, we made the Kailasa happen without me being bound by somebody. You see, Kailasa is such a great … project for the whole humanity. People would have funded, but they would have tried to bind me, like a “Aye! I want this power, this position, this post. Then I’ll fund.” But fortunately with the grace of Paramashiva, all you guys has done so much tyaga, you all funded me with free hand for Paramashiva to do what He wants to do. Sincerely want to thank each one of you. I have to read out every name literally – Ramesh Ramani, Sona Kamat, Bhanu Patel. Each one of your name I have to read out.

I want to sincerely thank you all guys. Not only you all supported by pouring time, treasure, talent, you gave me free hand. Nobody has bound me. That is the most beautiful thing, you see, … this whole Kailasa and the power manifestation science I am manifesting … is trillion dollar. If I have to put it in the society’s dollar value – it’s beyond trillion dollar. Anybody who knows this potential will invest. But they will try to have their hold by binding me. But all you guys have done such wonderful tyaga. You did, none of you bound me. You all just supported me in this great venture and with the grace of Paramashiva and protection of Kalabhairava, we are successful. And I commit with you guys, I’ll be grateful to you all forever. And share all the best gifts from Kailasa with you all forever. You all have trusted me and supported me – put your time, treasure, talent, everything. I am absolutely grateful to all you guys for making it happen, shouldering along with me.

And I know every penny or even money … you all poured. See, you would have missed many vacations, many weekends, time you would have loved to spend with your friends and family and love ones – you put all that time and work to make this Kailasa happen, and I will be grateful to you guys forever for this. Not just SJP Yajamans and Karthas, every person poured every single dollar, every single penny or even one hour volunteering – putting your intelligence, talent, knowledge and supporting me in making this Kailasa happen. I thank each one of you guys. It’s too, too much of excitement to contain that’s why today I share it. I’ll give you the details later. This much you understand, we made it. With the grace of Paramashiva and Mahakalabhairava, we made it. The Kalabahirava’s protection and grace of Paramashiva, Parashakti, we made it.

See any big businessman … individually would have funded this whole Kailasa project. Because they all know it’s a trillion dollar business, if I copyright all these sciences, and all the great things I have to share with the world. But fortunately I did not need to stretch my hand in front of any businessman to fund me or to invest in Kailasa project. With the grace of Paramashiva, all of you have done that tyaga of supporting me, and making this project happen with free hand! That is the most important thing. None of you bound me. None of you … demanded any share, chunk, put any conditions or … ifs and buts. That gave me free hand to make this Kailasa happen, and I’ll be grateful for that forever. Especially the free hand all you guys gave me. So I don’t need to go and stand in front of any … invest, investing people, or the industrial men, investors, financiers to fund this whole project. I thank you all sincerely for that.

It’s lot of tyaga from all of you. I know lot of tyaga from all of you. You have all sacrificed too much. I just want to thank all of you. But I tell you guys, we made it. By the grace of Paramashiva and the protection of Kalabhairava, we made it. Soon there will be announcement of address of Kailasa … and the physical darshans. You maybe thinking why Swamiji says soon, soon, soon and delaying, delaying. Understand, there are many things need to be prepared. All the preparations are going on. But it is going to be great. That much understand. It’s going to be great. Understand that much. Too much preparations are required, organizing is required. Literally, … making Kailasa the grace of Paramashiva. Alright. I speak more, I may blurt out more. So let me now start the initiation and Vishesha Deeksha. So please pick up your Atmalinga and keep in your hand. Sit straight. Chant Mahavakya, “Om Nithyananda Paramashivoham.” With the grace of Paramashiva, I’ll connect all of us to Paramashiva and Parashakti and Shrikailasa. Let’s start.

Initiation starts

Initiation ended

Om Nithyananda Paramashivoham. I bless you all. Today I was seeing this Oneness Capsule. I remember this was done in 2006 to energize the deities which were supposed to place in a spiritual embassy of Kailasa in Los Angeles. And we were planning for Kumbh Mela in Los Angeles. For that Kumbh Mela, all these deities are getting energized – Saptayagam in July 16th 2006 in Salem. A sincere tyaga and hard work from 1994, understand the day my Gurus have blessed me and declared me … as a Peethadhipathi, the inheritor of their tradition, and … offered my life to the whole world. 1994 … as per the documents available. From the time, … Paramashiva’s grace, intense tyaga made this Kailasa happen.

So with this, I bless you all. Let’s all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching, Causing, Living Shuddhadvaita Saivam, Living and Radiating the State, Space, Powers, Being, Superconsciousness … and Shrikailasa of Paramashiva, … Paramashivoham, Om Nithyananda Paramashivoham, The Eternal Bliss, Nithyananda. Thank you. Be blissful.

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