17 March 2020 Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam Satsang T

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nithyānandeśvara paramashiva samārambhām

nithyānandeśvari parashakti madhyamām |

asmat āchārya paryantām vande guru paramparām ||

I welcome you all with my love and respects. I welcome all the visitors, viewers, SJP Yajamans, Karthas, Sri Mahants, Mahants, Thanedar, Kothari, Kayakalpa Yoga participants, Kailasa’s Nithyananda eGurukul students, Kailasa’s Nithyananda Hindu University students. I welcome all the living and practicing Hindus from all over the world and all those watching live on Kailasa TV, Kailasa’s NTV, Kailasa’s Hinduism Now TV, Kailasa’s Nlighten App and Kailasa’s Nayana Deeksha, and other social media platforms such as YouTube live, Facebook live and Twitter. I welcome all of you with my love and respects.


Listen. Paramashiva’s message directly from Shrikailasa today. It is time now, the being of Paramashiva starts manifesting in all of us. The time is right, so I am going to start the process for manifesting the being of Paramashiva within next three days. 20th Mar, I am going to start the program. Whoever wants to attend, you can attend from your home. It will be conducted in two-way video conferencing. It will be whole day program. Indian standard Time will be followed. It will be a very powerful processes, intense processes. Akasha Bhairava is the God. Akasha Bhairava is the God who makes all our beings ready for Paramashiva to manifest. It will be centered on Akasha Bhairava, and making Paramashiva manifest in all of us. It will be … million times more powerful than Paramashivoham or any program I conducted till now. Listen. Till now, I manifested, revealed the Science of State of Paramashiva, Space of Paramashiva, Powers of Paramashiva. Now, direct process, program directly from Paramashiva … to manifest the being of Paramashiva.


Maybe I can call it as Paramashivoham Level 2. Paramshivoham Level 2, because the world is ready. The world is ready. Now is the time all the being should receive Paramashiva, and allow Him to manifest in all of us, understand. No teaching, no technique, no meditations, no methodologies, direct alchemy processes, super alchemy processes. And … anyone who is doing pachai pattini viratham can join. I am going to make this as donation based. I am not going to tag any price, cost for it. I am going to make it as donation based but I want absolute commitment. No question of coming for one session and going away from the next session. I do not want that. Whenever I give programs free, I see that big mess. So I will not want that. If you are already a devotee, who have attended any Inner Awakening, who is sincere about enlightenment and manifesting the being of Paramashiva, I’ll give it freely for you. Donation based, whatever you want to contribute, contribute; I don’t have a problem.


But if you are new, I am going to put a tag, price tag only then you will be responsible and sincere; to bring sincerity and responsibility, commitment. Because I have always seen people taking it for granted when it is given freely, and … abusing the infrastructure. If you are not sincere, not ready to put this as your priority then let somebody else use. That’s all. I am going to be personally conducting this program. It’ll start within three days. 20th March, the program will begin. 20th March to 4th April, 20th March to 4th April, till the pachai pattini viratham ending. So understand, it’ll be, I think fifteen days program – 20th March to 4th April. It’ll be an intense program. First program I am offering after the Great Pause directly. First program I am offering after the Great Pause directly – “Being with Paramashivoham.” Manifesting being of Paramashiva. Being Paramashivoham. Prepare yourself. Clean up all the obstacles.


I tell you, just today only Paramashiva revealed this. Even that administration of the Kailash do not know. Even they will be surprised. It’s a surprise for all, understand. Paramashiva has decided to conduct, He was waiting for the world to be ready. He feels now everything is ready, and He is going to conduct. So, the program will not have any specific fee, it’ll be dependent on you. Whoever wants, please apply today. For some, maybe absolutely free. For some, we’ll ask you to pay. It depends on you. The program does not have any value. It is beyond values. You can’t money, you can’t put any monetary value for it. So be very clear, … the program will be like Gurudakshina based. I’ll ask anything I want. If you are interested in giving – come. Whatever comes to my mind, I’ll ask. If you are able to give – come. Whoever wants to apply, please send an email today. It’ll be conducted in two-way video conferencing, and intense program directly conducted by me from March 20th to April 4th.


The intense energy Paramashiva is manifesting through this being … will be transmitted to everyone. Each one of you will be literally manifesting the being of Paramashiva. If ten thousand of us can sit together and manifest the being of Paramashiva, not only we will heal the Coronavirus in the whole world, we will give a superconscious breakthrough to the world. We will give a superconscious breakthrough to the world. The first program directly I am conducting after the Great Pause – Paramashivoham Level 2. Paramashivoham Level 2 – “Being with Paramashivoham.” The whole program will be conducted absolutely based on the multidimensional logic. I’ll introduce the logic and lifestyle, … way of existence of Kailasa to all of us. Whatever I was talking after the Great Pause, I am going to make that all into reality. I am going to make that all into reality.


It’ll be a sixteen day program from March 20th to April 4th. Paramashivoham Level 2, that will be the name of the program, Paramashivoham Level 2. It’ll be almost whole day program. It’ll follow Indian Standard Time, Indian calendar, Indian Standard Time, and Indian calendar. So, you can attend from home. It’ll be two-way video conferencing. But that room from which you are sitting and attending should be considered and respected as sacred as Nithyananda Sabha. So, no other activity can happen in that room. You can’t use that as your bedroom, because I am going to be physically sitting there with you, and initiating each one of you, manifesting Paramashiva’s being in each one of you. You are going to experience literally Paramashiva intensely … from wherever you are. This is going to be the absolute life positive. How wars are the worst life negative, this is the opposite of the worst wars. Absolute life positive! Everything is going to be auspicious. Like everything about war is negative. Everything about this program is going to be positive. This is the most powerful spiritual nuclear explosion, the strong force of Kailasa landing on planet earth directly, intense … space of Paramashiva manifesting.


All the ashrams, temples, monasteries, Kailasavasis, Gurukul students … clean up your calendar. All the Kailasavasis, Gurukul students, ashrams, monasteries, please clean up your calender, and prepare the ashrams, monasteries to open people for Paramashivoham Level 2 Program. And, for all of you to attend the program. It is going to be two-way video con, in two-way video conferencing, but literally I am going to conduct in every place. Literally you are going to see me physically everywhere attending the program, conducting the program, making you all manifest Paramashivoham, the being of Paramashiva.


What will be the result of the program? One thing I can be sure, you will not exist end of the program. I can guarantee that. Only Paramashiva will be there. So how will you even measure what is the result of the program? The person who is supposed to measure will not even be there end of the program. You will all be manifesting Paramashiva, being of Paramashiva. This will be the most life positive happening on planet earth. The most powerful life positive happening on planet earth. So now, I really want all of you to start sending the email, cleaning up your calendar. I am going to reveal all the sciences of Paramashiva. Whether planting your future, everything which I was giving trailer till now, I am going to reveal … the full movie. I am going to release the full movie, the full being of Paramashivoham, understand. Intangible but definitive experience and sciences of the Cosmos is Vedas and Agamas. And … Paramashiva is now going to manifest His very being in all of us.


Next three days till 20th March, we may not have live satsang, because the whole sangha need to prepare. It’s a surprise announcement for the whole sangha. The whole sangha need to prepare. We need ten thousand people but very intense, sincere people attending … from all over the world, they can be in their own home. No problem. Either from home or from our ashrams and temples and aadheenams. Ten thousand people, because if ten thousand people sit and ten thousand beings allow Paramashiva to manifest through them, we will give a superconscious breakthrough to the whole world, whole Universe. Not only we will heal the Coronavirus, we will give a superconscious breakthrough to the whole world. So all the devotees, Kailasavasis, disciples, Aadheenavasis start enrolling, enriching people next three days. We may not have live satsang because we will all be busy making all the arrangements needed for the ten thousand beings to sit and manifest Paramashivoham from March 20th to April 4th.


Understand, this is going to be the great happening for the whole Universe. It’s going to be the great happening for the whole Universe. Whoever trust me and accept me as Guru, I recommend all disciples take off this sixteen days. I am going to be sitting with you guys literally whole day. And I tell you guys, I am very serious. I am really very serious. That is why I am not adding any price tag to this program. I am serious about ten thousand people, beings manifesting Paramashiva. If possible get your pets also because they are also being. Get your pets, everyone. Let them also start manifesting. Understand.


Only if Paramashiva chooses you, you will be able to attend this program. All of you make the decision to attend Paramashivoham from simple integrity. Just simple integrity. There is no specific tagline, price for this program. For some people, … not only I allow free of cost, I will give your flight ticket to reach the nearest aadheenam. I will spend and make you attend. For some people, I may say, “Free of charge, you can attend from your home, two-way video conferencing.” For some people, I may say, “Pay hundred thousand dollar, only then you can attend.” Whatever comes in my mouth. For some people I may say, “No, I think you need to pay two million dollar, only then this program is for you.” Because it’s a gift from me. Nobody can put any tag, price. Nobody can bind. It’s a gift from me. So for some I may say, “I will pay your flight ticket. Please come to the nearest aadheenam, and nearest ashram and attend.” Not only the program is free for you, I’ll pay your flight ticket. For some people, I may say, “Free of charge. You can attend from your home. Please have that two-way video conferencing link, start attending.”


For some I may say, “I think you need to pay two million dollar.” For some I may say, “Alright, pay hundred dollar.” For some I may say, “Alright, pay ten dollar.” For some I may say, “Alright, pay hundred thousand dollar; if you attend the whole program continuously sincerely, I’ll refund the hundred thousand dollar back. You can take the money back after you manifest Paramashiva’s being.” Means, you have sincerely attended the program, you can take the money back. I may have a different combination-permutation, and my purpose is to make you attend sincerely, that’s all. Make you stay in one room with me twenty four hours, that’s all. Twenty four-seven in one room with me. Sixteen days, that is the whole purpose. That’s all. In one room, just you and me for sixteen days, no other being. That’s all is the purpose of the program. So Paramashiva can manifest intensely, the Paramashiva’s being can manifest intensely.


Come on, I’ll give you few minutes now, whoever is interested, send your email now, register at nithyanandahinduuniversity.org/daily-satsang. And if you are interested in enriching and causing other people, start the enriching and causing. Let us start the enriching and causing activity today. Please understand, I am giving you the choices. You can attend from your home, you don’t even need to come to nearest aadheenam, ashram or temple. You can attend from home two-way video conferencing. Just your apartment is enough. Only thing, you should keep your bed separately, and this area separately. That’s the only thing. If you have only one room apartment, no problem, then keep the bed away. Don’t sleep for the sixteen days, that’s all. It’s as simple as this. And … take off sixteen days. I think now almost all over the world, all the countries, people are working from home. If you are working from home, that is perfectly alright for me. Few hours you can work from home, and the remaining time you can attend the Paramashivoham Level 2. That is perfectly alright for me. I’ll give you enough time.


And … as I said no price tag. The price tag is what comes to my mouth, or what comes to my being.

आचार्याय प्रियं धनमाहृत्य

ācāryāya priyaṃ dhanamāhṛtya

The Taittiriya Upanishad says very clearly, Gurudakshina is what Guru wishes. Having given the Gurudakshina which the Guru wishes.

आचार्याय प्रियं धनमाहृत्य

ācāryāya priyaṃ dhanamāhṛtya

That is what is the Gurudakshina. So, it will be Gurudakshina based program. You can’t buy it.


I want all over the world ten thousand people to attend and manifest Paramashiva’s being, but I am not going to compromise on the quality and integrity of the program. Even if people attend, I am okay with it. With the quality of, quality and integrity, even if the ten people attend, they are equal to ten thousand beings. Because the intensity and integrity makes you a different being altogether. Yes. Listen. Already thousands of people have started registering. The unique emails we received itself is a large number and … and I am very sure ten thousand people are going to attend. That much I am confident. So now … see actually, I am not interested in making money from this program. I am interested in sincere people. Whenever I give programs free, the worst thing happens is people just abuse me and the program, and the sacredness of the program. Even during the process, they just walk out. They say, “Ooh, I am little busy.” I don’t want that to happen. That is why, I want to charge something to show, you show your sincerity.


So I am going to find the balance between not stopping people because they need to pay. I don’t want to, I don’t want even a single individual to lose the program because they’ll have to pay. So I am going to make rules like a any SJP Yajaman or Kartha says, “You can’t afford. And you are really poor and you can afford, you will be accepted as free.” So even if one SJP Yajaman or Kartha says, listen for it, listen very carefully. Listen to this very carefully. If a SJP Yajaman or Kartha certifies that you are not capable of paying, you will be given free. Because I trust the integrity and … responsibility of the SJP Yajamans and Karthas. So anybody SJP Yajamans, Karthas certify as a poor person, not capable – that person will be given free. And, so I am going to find a balance this time. Not, see … my compassion, Paramashiva’s compassion is such we don’t want even a single individual to miss manifesting Paramashiva due to economical reason.


Same way, I don’t want people to come there and abuse the program and the space, sacred space of Paramashiva manifesting, and take the program for granted. I am seeing all the third rate fellows who came for the free program in Kumbh Mela. They are going out and abusing Kumbh Mela. Neither they paid, and took the program for granted, made the whole place dirty, used the whole infrastructure, and stole from the Kumbh Mela camp whatever they can, and go out and abuse, “Oh, this a hell of a place.” These sick and broke gang, .. thieves. I don’t want that kind of fellows inside the program. I don’t want that kind of fellows, … that druggy gang which comes because the place is free to use, abuse and go out and abuse. I don’t want that kind of a gang. Please understand. So I am going to find the balance. I do not want anyone to miss this great possibility because they have to pay. I don’t want anyone to be stopped. That’s one.


Second, same way I do not want the abusers inside the program. So if any SJP Yajaman or Kartha certifies that you are a sincere seeker, you really want to attend the program but you can’t pay. If they certify, they attest – you will be given free. Otherwise what is the common charge, still I have not thought about it. I am waiting for the Kalabhairava to reveal. Whatever He reveals, I’ll do it. Umm. I am very clear, I don’t want to monetize, make money out of this program. Same way, please understand. Understand one thing. Once again I want to give my gratitude. I wanted to repeat this. Listen carefully. Kailasa has happened. With the grace of Paramashiva, protection of Mahabhairava, Kailasa has happened. All of you who donated your time, treasure, talent, made this Kailasa happen … without putting any bondage or conditions, chains on me.


Understand, .. any industrialist, investor would have funded me. But they would have bound me. All the copyright of the products I released, everything they would have tried to have it under their control. They would have monetized it. But you guys have showered on me without binding me. So all the products I am going to bring from Shrikailasa, Paramashiva, gifts, everything I am going to share it with the whole world without the restriction of money. All the punya, that great merit, good blessings comes to all the Sarvajnapeetha Yajamans, Karthas and whoever has funded me and the sangha, supported it with time, treasure, talent, sharing. Understand. When you guys have supported me, it’s my responsibility to show my gratitude. I am going to share with the whole world. I am not interested in monetizing.


Same way, I am not interested in abusers, cheats, druggy gangs, sick and broke gang, destroyers, negative gang, demons to come inside. I don’t want them here. Just because it is free, coming and eating, shitting, abusing my place and stealing, robbing, going out and attacking me. Hindus have suffered enough with these invaders. I don’t want anymore racist invaders coming and attacking me or the sangha. So I am very clear on my policies. So anyone gets the attestment by the SJP Yajaman or Kartha, the SJP Yajaman and Kartha has to declare his integrity to me and sangha. And then, if he attests that this person is poor but sincere seeker, please allow him – that person will have free entry for the program. And … all others, the common basic thing, I have decided that ten percent of your yearly income give, show your intensity and sincerity. Dasama Bhagam, that is the traditional way the Gurudakshina is accepted. One tenth, ten percent of what you make, give as Gurudakshina.


Whoever wants free or reduced cost, let SJP Yajamans and Karthas certify you that you are poor. And, and of course, I am not even asking certain amount, I am only asking percentage of what you make. So anybody can afford. Percentage of what you make only I am asking. I am not going to ask. Even in that you want discount, you can’t pay, or you can, you want full exemption – any SJP Yajaman or Kartha who is still connected, integrated to me and sangha can certify that this person is … sincere seeker, he can’t afford to pay. Then I’ll exempt. That person will be exempted. So I am evolving a new system of keeping the druggies, demons, abusers, racist gang away. And, I also don’t want people to miss this great possibility because they need to pay. That demonic druggies, … the racist gang enters the sangha because it is free, and no gratitude. Eats, shits, steals, destroys, goes out and attack from outside. I don’t want that demons inside the sangha or anywhere near my campus, .. near my temple. We suffered too much.


So ten percent of your yearly income is the fee, standard fee I am making it. You declare and I trust you. It’s up to your integrity and Kalabhairava is such that if you pay ten percent, you will have the same income regularly. Whatever ten percent you pay, based on that your income will happen. It’s all Kalabhairava, it’s a Gurudakshina to Kalabhairava. So there is nothing to cheat me or … if you pay hundred dollar, only thousand dollar you will earn. If you pay thousand dollar, you make only ten thousand dollar so it is up … it’s between you and Kalabhairava to see the accounts. I cannot see the accounts and I am not interested in seeing the accounts, monitoring you and all. That responsibility goes to Kalabhairava.


Okay, now … with the grace of Paramashiva and protection of Mahabhairava, I am going to invoke Akasa Bhairava. In all of us, He will clear all the obstacles, and make our beings manifest Paramashiva. Bowing down to Ganapati. Let’s start the process. Pick up the Atmalinga in your hand. And keep in your hand the Atmalinga and sit straight.

Initiation starts

Initiation ended


Om Nithyananda Paramashivoham. We have crossed thousands enrollment. And I am pretty sure we will reach ten thousand. I’ll come for next few day satsang to prepare all of you for this program – Paramashivoham Level 2. And, let us reach out to the whole world. Let’s give a superconscious breakthrough to the whole world through this Paramashivoham Level 2. So with this, all the ashrams, temples all over the world if your government allows the gathering, if legally allowed, then please do it. Otherwise, let them attend from the home. Follow the local governments, your country government’s rules and regulations. If you are allowed to have gatherings, please gather in temples, ashrams, aadheenams. If not, you can attend from home. We will give you two-way video conferencing. You can attend from home. Let’s reach out to at least ten thousand people. Let Paramashiva manifest in all ten thousand beings, and give a superconscious breakthrough to the whole world.


So with this, I bless you all. Let’s all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching, Causing, Living Shuddhadvaita Saivam, Paramashivoham, Living and Radiating the State, Space, Powers, Being, Superconsciousness of Paramashiva, Paramashivoham, Om Nithyananda Paramashivoham, The Eternal Bliss, Nithyananda. Thank you. Be blissful. 01:19:22

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