20 March 2020 Sri Nithyananda Paramshivam Satsang Transcript

YouTube Title:Message Directly From Paramashiva (Paramashivoham Level 2 Day 1)
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Paramashiva, that is me directly … relating with all of you now using this body. All these days, I used the body and being of Nithyananda. Now, I am just using this body and directly relating with you all. Here I am available, manifesting for all of you to experience the being of Paramashiva. All these days, when I was using the body and being of Nithyananda, everything I manifested … is for all the human beings. Here now, I am manifesting my very being for all of you to experience my very being. My very state, my very space, my very powers, my very own being, and my very own superconsciousness, and my Kailasa will manifest for all of you. Make yourself available. Make yourself available … for this sixteen days. I myself will manifest … with my full being in everyone of you. My being is alive, living superconsciousness. How you perceive you, I am … zillions of times intense … than your existence as your being. Here I am available, because I feel world is ready.


I put this body to the Great Pause for me to manifest just using this body without the being. I am using this body, using this voice, not using that Nithyananda’s being. I am Paramashiva directly available now to the whole Universe using this body … to reveal all the best things … from the Kailasa to all of you, to make you all experience and manifest my being. I ask nothing from you, neither your faith nor your belief. Make yourself available. Open your being for my being to radiate. Open your being for my being to manifest. Till now, I was manifesting the sciences of state of Paramashiva – me, space of Paramashiva – me, powers of Paramashiva – me, using Nithyananda’s body and being. Now, I am manifesting Paramashiva’s being directly. Me, Paramashiva directly manifesting using this body without using Nithyananda’s being, directly available to all of you to manifest Paramashiva, my very being.


Me, Paramashiva is not just totality of some energies, concepts, philosophies, powers. I am alive, living being. I do not have likes and dislikes like you, but I do have likes and dislikes of my space. My life is life pro, absolute life positivity and bliss. Anywhere life positivity manifest, I am manifesting. Anywhere my being is denied, negativity manifest. I am here … to make all of you manifest me. It is time humanity needs my being directly. It is time to save the humanity. I’ll be manifesting in thousands of beings now. This next sixteen days not only give a superconscious breakthrough for the whole humanity, … will establish myself in thousands of beings eternally, in all of you eternally. This day, time will be celebrated eternally in the spiritual history of the humanity as “Paramashiva’s Being Day.” Astrologically and astronomically this is the most auspicious happening to the whole world, the greatest spiritual blessing. I am available to all of you, and I’ll manifest through all of you.


My blessings. I am available now. I’ll manifest through all of us … as Paramashiva’s being. I’ll accept the first offering … Thulabharam now.


Thulabharam offering

Blessings to all of you. 23:37

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